About Diversity Bridge

Diversity Bridge is an economic development initiative of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, with support from the City of Columbus, Columbus State Community College, Nationwide, and Honda of America. The goal of this initiative is to create job opportunities and increase the wealth in the minority community. Diversity Bridge embraces strategies that will stimulate the creation and growth of minority owned businesses. In addition to minority racial/ethnic groups, Diversity Bridge programming also assists women and disadvantaged enterprises. 

While the Columbus Chamber has the role of serving as the clearinghouse, Diversity Bridge represents a coordination and collaboration of Greater Columbus agencies and organizations that have as their mission - serving minority, women and disadvantaged businesses.

Diversity Bridge evolved as an outgrowth of a comprehensive strategic planning process that engaged over one hundred minority businesses and key community stakeholders representing both the private and public sectors. Programming is centered on outcomes and solutions. The programming activities focus on enhancing the capacity and competitive position of minority businesses. 

Diversity Bridge leverages resources, minimizes duplication of effort, and connects minority businesses with opportunities, resources, and peers.


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